Le Gourmet Lemon, Bringing you joy and comfort, making you feel good through delicious, French-family style food and drink.

Our goal is to provide a unique French style food and drink experience that commits to delivering on quality, budget, and service; ensuring everything works to make it feel like we are an extension of your family, that you can trust.

What we did
Brand Foundations, Brand Identity,
Brand Stylescape, Art Direction,
Brand Activation
Burst Brand Activations,
Custom Trailer Design & Install

Bringing heritage to the modern age to establish a new force in the event catering scene. The purpose of our partnership with LGL was to help empower them to evolve their business and drive into the next era of growth. We worked intimately with the founding husband and wife to unpack what the business meant to them, what they were trying to achieve, and importantly how they wanted to bring this life long vision to life.

The result was an intricate Brand identity that immediately makes you feel invited and warm, just like a hug from your Grandma. The challenge? To evoke a strong sense of intimacy and emotion in a Brand whilst making it approachable and attractive to a wide enough audience. This important consideration was paramount as we also tackle how we were going to balance heritage with a modern Brand Look & Feel that gave a sense of assurance in quality and capability.

The diverse Brand Identity works across the multiple touchpoints that the business operates within now, whilst also giving room for growth into various channels they are wanting to grow into in the near future. Ultimately working with the, build a Brand Framework that they can use for business growth.

The brand suite
The stylescape

To develop a comprehensive creative direction, we worked to create a Brand Stylescape that translates strategy to creative, aligning core Brand elements in an easy to digest visual way.



Illustration, Type

Stationary, Colour

Colour, Type

Colour, Type

Experience Our French Charm

A primary goal of building the LGL Brand was to establish an initial online presence that reflected the homely feeling in an often cold touch point. The intentional information hierarchy, combined with intimate photography and handwritten fonts allowed us to create an ambience that evokes a strong sense of trust.

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