Empowering a Brand to deliver moments of amazement.

If you don’t believe the hype, you haven’t been a Sweet Disposition customer… yet. Think of the moments that bring a smile to your face. The ones that deliver a mere moment of happiness and excitement. This is what Sweet Disposition exists for. To make life just that little better through unique, high quality, thoughtful, confectionary-based gifts that people can be excited to put their name to.

What we did

Brand Foundations, Brand Identity, Brand Stylescape,  Brand Taglines, Custom Illustration, Brand Packaging, Creative Digital Direction


All in-house.

Bring purpose and strategy to a Brand that already delivers the fun, quite literally. This was the challenge. How can we help build a Brand that doesn’t tone down the excitement, but channels and focuses it to help a business grow?

We started where every Brand should, by asking themselves why we do what we do, and what contribution do we want to have on the people that we exist for? The Sweet Disposition answer to that? It is all for those moments of Amazement. The moments where you give a gift that you can be proud to give, and one which is  excited to be received.


The next challenge? Channelling this into a fun, engaging, and vibrant creative identity that could thrive online and the real world. 

The stylescape

Which is where a Brand Stylescape comes into play. A crucial tool in any of our creative work, a Brand or Creative Stylescape is the ultimate combination of Strategy & Creative. Our teams work on it together, finding a way to inspire and bring to life the strategy and goals of the project in a visual way that can be digested and useful for our clients. What we are left with is a comprehensive creative direction that enforces consistency in all the Brand work we do moving forward.

By investing the time at this stage, we give our clients confidence that they can rely on us on all future projects, working with them to build a Brand that tells their story to the right people, in the right way, ultimately helping them grow.


Colour, Illustration

Type, Colour


Type, Colour


The brand suite

An Appetite for Amazement

The result of vibrant Brand Purpose, and exceptional collaboration between strategy and creative, we were able to build a bespoke packaging concept aimed to be unique, and truly deliver a moment of amazement for anyone who received it.

The Sweet Disposition milk bottle was the solution to the challenge; how can we create something that is memorable and engaging, for a throw away party gift? Inspired by heritage milk carton designs, our team drove the creative concept and design work for the packaging that extended the moments of amazement throughout the user experience, understanding the potential follow-on value of integrating the physical product with a digital journey through the QR code integration and custom web page development.


The results? A bespoke, memorable packaging design that helps the Sweet Disposition begin to build its reputation in the much sought after corporate and large-order gift giving space; a result that has genuine impact on the success of the business moving forward.

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